Build software from Scratch

The process of building a digital product is well-known; however, not every software house understands how to build great product teams. This is because they are afraid they will lose the Customer. We are different. We know the startup's path, and we'll help with your MVP, to get the market fit, and to build Your Product Team.


Enablers for a STARTUP innovation are:

  • Business,

  • Technology,

  • Design.

Therefore, your company needs an Empowered Product Team with a Product Manager, Tech Lead, and UX/UI Designer. Together they will work on:

  • Business value

  • Usability

  • Feasibility

  • Viability

We are thrilled to work with you and make it happen!


Technology specialization is underrated. Delivery needs to be repetitive & predictable. Thus We are highly specialized:

  • With .net we can run our solutions on any platform: web, mobile, Linux, windows, ios, android, or IoT.

  • With CQRS and EventSourcing, we can:

    • easily get insights into the system, assert if it is used the way we expected (more on that here)

    • easily delete legacy parts of systems, making complexity & cost drop through the development (usually, it is the opposite). (More on that here)

  • with Material Design & Technology, we build an excellent User Experience. (f.e. you will never need to refresh our pages.)

Modeling Techniques

Alignment & effective communication is at the heart of our company. Hence the name: Modeling Evolution. We are specialized in modeling techniques. All our Engineers not only know them but can facilitate & use them in practice. When we hire, these are the first thing we teach.

Check out some:

This is our toolbelt used in ultra-effective communication with You. We won't waste your time. Never, period.

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