Our IoT experiences

  • Real-time streaming from Raspberry Pi with latency under 300ms

  • IoT device covers for industrial environment

  • Gathering data from IoT devices in industrial environments with low internet access

  • Integrating low-cost data receivers (Raspberry Pico) based on LoRa transmission with web running systems

  • Implementing machine-learning models and computer vision processing on Raspberry Pi

  • Building ready-to-use infrastructure for gathering, analyzing, and labeling data for machine-learning purposes


Build IoT Device

Do you have an Idea for a smart device? We can prototype it for you. We are specialized in

  • Plastic 3D printing (ABS)

  • Aluminum after processing

  • Designing simple electronics & integrating of-the-shell parts. (sensors, cameras, simple actuators, compute boards such as Raspberry Pi/Pico/etc.)

  • Programming software & systems around (.NET, Python, C++)

Enablers for innovation are business, technology, and design. Therefore, your company needs an Empowered Product Team with a Product Manager, Tech Lead, and Designer. Together they will assert:

  • Business value

  • Usability

  • Feasibility

  • Viability

Let's have a free discovery workshop where we can discover your device and its evolution.


Technology specialization is underrated. Delivery needs to be repetitive & predictable. Thus We are highly specialized:

  • With .net we can run our solutions on any platform: web, mobile, Linux, windows, ios, android, or IoT.

  • With CQRS and EventSourcing, we can:

    • easily get insights into the system, assert if it is used the way we expected (more on that here)

    • easily delete legacy parts of systems, making complexity & cost drop through the development (usually, it is the opposite). (More on that here)

  • with Material Design & Technology, we build an excellent User Experience. (f.e. you will never need to refresh our pages.)

Modeling Techniques

Alignment & effective communication is at the heart of our company. Hence the name: Modeling Evolution. We are specialized in modeling techniques. All our Engineers not only know them but can facilitate & use them in practice. When we hire, these are the first thing we teach.

Check out some:

This is our toolbelt used in ultra-effective communication with You. We won't waste your time. Never, period.


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